Robert O’Byrne is a writer specialising in the fine and decorative arts. He is the author of more than a dozen books, among them Luggala Days: The Story of a Guinness House (Cico Books) and The Last Knight: A Tribute to Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin (Lilliput Press). He writes a monthly column for Apollo magazine (http://www.apollo-magazine.com) and also contributes to each issue of the quarterly Irish Arts Review (http://www.irishartsreview.com). All opinions expressed herein on Ireland, her landscape, architecture and artefacts are his own.

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  1. Karen poff says:

    Having a bit if a domestic. Were you a guest on tonight’s lords and ladles?

  2. Aaron Callan says:

    Hi I was wondering if you plan to visit Limavady sometime? Would love to give you a tour if you’re planning on coming up.

    • Thank you for getting in touch; no plans in the immediate future, but I will let you know if/when I am in your part of the world. We met a couple of years ago you will remember at the Earl-Bishop conference.

      • Aaron Callan says:

        Yes I remember. Hopefully we can have that conference again sometime! Out of that conference the Earl Bishop Heritage Trail was developed and is being launched on 16th July. You might also be interested in the Beresford Obelisk which has recently been restored by the Follies Trust. If you plan on coming up please email me.

  3. Dear Lawrie, please read the following and all will be made clear: http://www.rte.ie/tv/programmes/lordsandladles.html

  4. Douglas Hassall (Dr D.A. Hassall Barrister-at-Law Canberra) says:

    Dear Mr O’Byrne – Much enjoyed your book “Luggala Days” I will treasure my copy and have bought some more as gifts for friends – such a fine evocation of a very special country house.
    So much of interest in the history of the house and its successive owners and its remarkable
    current custodian the Honourable Garech Browne. You have evoked an era and somehow
    have made it a memorial to times both wonderful and sometimes sad. The lovely greens in
    the background to your home page are so very appropriate to your theme. We have nothing
    out here in Australia quite like it – unless it be the homestead house “Panshanger” in Tasmania
    although it is more Greek Revival than Gothic-Romantic.
    With Best Wishes, Douglas Hassall; Canberra Australia.

  5. Diarmuid O'Hegarty says:

    Dear Robert, I have been meaning to email you for ages to say how much I enjoyed your book on the Knight. It was really well done. I have teased Kieran Fitzgerald over the years about putting in a bid to be the next Knight. I now know to stop that. I thought I had an email address for you but hunted high and low with no luck. Jane said to post a comment on your website, which I snoop regularly. It is also really well done. Anyway, hope you’re well. Best wishes Diarmuid

  6. Seol Park says:

    Dear Robert – I recently curated an exhibition of Irish landscape paintings here in NY which sparked my interest in wanting to know more about the art from Ireland, by artists both living and deceased. Through my exhibition, I got to delve a bit into the local history and in some cases displayed paintings alongside period Georgian Irish antiques. Was overall a fantastic experience. (http://www.sparkplusart.com/#!john-kelly-irish-landscapes/cj8b)

    More browsing on the Internet on the topic led me to your blog and I’m loving it. Hope to visit Ireland some day, and see her landscape and architecture, and your blog will be my guide book!

    • Thank you for your email: it was most inreresting to see John Kelly’s work (and I much like the mahogany sideboard visible below the triptych High and Low). And thank you for your kind remarks too about the blog, I am so glad you enjoy it – tell your friends, I am always keen to encourage more interest in Ireland and our heritage! Best wishes from the deepest countryside here.

      • Seol Park says:

        Thank you, Robert! The sideboard is Irish Regency from County Cork, exactly where artist John Kelly is now based in and was painting the views of! A couple Irish pieces throughout the installation views (item details on p.13 of the digital catalogue). Glad you enjoyed the paintings! I’ll let my friends know about your blog. Cheers.

  7. Dear Robert O’Byrne. I am finishing an article on James Latham and Joseph Highmore for a forthcoming publication by Irish Academic Press, and refer to the portrait of the duelling Knight of Glin (formerly attributed to Highmore). I wonder whether you can confirm that the current attribution to Herman van der Mijn, as mentioned in your blog, was the judgement of the late Knight of Glin (if not, who?), and, if you refer to the portrait in your book ‘The Last Knight’, I wonder whether you would be kind enough to give me the page reference, as I would like to add the details to an endnote (unfortunately the British Library does not hold a copy). With thanks and very best wishes, Yours sincerely, Dr Jacqueline Riding.

  8. Hi Robert,
    I am developing a TV program about restoration projects on old buildings and would love to have a chat with you about it. Is there a number I could contact you at?
    Many Thanks,

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