A Welcome Addition

Looking as though in this spot for centuries, but only constructed here in 2012, a tea pavilion in the grounds of Montalto, County Down. Designed by architect John O’Connell, this charming little building sits on a rise with views down towards the main house.

More on Montalto in due course. 

7 comments on “A Welcome Addition

  1. claudius1889 says:

    What a beautiful little building. This is a perfect example of beautiful, classical Georgian architecture in harmony with the landscape

  2. Bob Frewen says:

    Nice design, spectacular joinery craftsmanship.

  3. Emma Richey says:


  4. mark donnelly says:


  5. Sue Kilbracken says:

    Just so elegant – would rather have some more comfy looking chairs though. I wonder how much it cost? How lucky to have the funds to be able to create something like that – it is beautiful and I’m very jealous!

  6. James Canning says:


  7. Colin Reid says:

    Robert, I’m eagerly awaiting your further comments regarding Montalto. I’ve enjoyed access on a weekly basis since opening last Autumn and the Summer House is just one of the many built highlights on the walking trails. The owners are to be roundly applauded for the splendid work that they have put in to the whole project. Early this year I made scale models of twelve of these buildings which we used as decorative table centres for my daughter’s wedding celebration on the Estate a few weeks ago.

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