A Clement Vision

These three small oil panels, each measuring just 15×20 cms, are from Clement McAleer’s current Coastal Series. McAleer (b.1949) is one of the artists breathing new life into that potentially moribund genre: Irish landscape painting. His work manages to be both meditative and emotional since, as has been noted, he is concerned not so much with capturing the specifics of place ‘but rather the restless, shifting aspects of nature where cloud or water, land or sea transform themselves atmospherically, one into another.’
On Thursday evening I shall be opening an exhibition of Clement McAleer’s new work at the Hamilton Gallery, Castle Street, Sligo; the show continues until December 1st.

2 comments on “A Clement Vision

  1. arisingmoon says:

    Wonderful atmospheric paintings. I love the the way Clem has captured the mood and movement of nature’s ever changing flow of life within the paint. quality and textures. Very inspiring.

  2. felicity mcnab says:

    these pictures are really lovely. i hope to see more of clem’s paintings

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