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The annual Irish Blog Awards are now open to nominations and the Irish Aesthete would therefore ask readers at home and abroad to consider taking the time to give this site your vote (you don’t have to be Irish or living in Ireland to do so).
Unfortunately, there is no category for Most Aesthetically Minded Blog, and therefore it is probably wisest for you to vote in the Best Newcomer section. Please spread the word and encourage others to do likewise; the more support, the better for all things aesthetic in Ireland. And thank you in advance for your assistance and interest.
To make things as simple as possible, please follow instructions below.
Where you will find the nominations:
There are five pieces of information you must give, as follows.
1. Email of blog you are nominating (This is required, only blogs with valid emails will be considered):
2. Name of Blog You Are Nominating:
The Irish Aesthete
3. Web Address Of Blog You are nominating:
4. Date blogged started:
24th September 2012
5. Please state why you are nominating this blog for this category. Let us know why this is such a remarkable blog:
(This last question, gentle readers, you must answer without my assistance).
P.S. Closing date for nominations is next Wednesday, July 31st.
*Apologies to those trying to nominate me: I gave an incorrect email address but have now corrected this.

16 comments on “Number One

  1. That isn’t an email address in No. 1…

  2. Patrick says:

    Filled out everything but This site will not accept your email address. Patrick.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. David Gunning says:

    Did it there too, best of luck!

  4. Dear Robert

    I have encountered the same problem with your email address as the above correspondents . . . can you please advise ?? Possibly via an “update post” ? Others could be equally frustrated !


  5. Done, gladly. After nomination, do you have to go on a campaign trail? What’s the aesthetic equivalent of chicken’n’chips in parochial halls?!

    Good luck

  6. columnist says:

    Happily completed, and for the reasons:

    “A very intelligently written blog about the history and architecture of Ireland, in a sometimes amusing and always easy style.”

    Hope you win!

  7. Done Robert, good luck. Olivier

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