Not so Cosy


There has been much talk in recent years of the decline of the Irish village: here is an example of the deterioration found across the country. On a key corner site in Crossakiel, County Meath stands a now-vacated former pub and grocery which, with slates gone from the roof and windows broken, only looks set to fall into further ruin. When that happens, as seems to be inevitable, the possibility of Crossakiel having a viable commercial future will grow even more remote than is the case at present. And so the decline continues.


6 comments on “Not so Cosy

  1. Susie says:

    Sad to see. What is the cause? Are people moving into the cities?

  2. Well said Robert – a real pity it is and exemplifies what is happening all over Ireland – it will all be gone before people in power cop on !

  3. That is a beautiful door – I love the half-round window. Such a pity!

  4. Zick, Steven says:

    Oh gosh, now this one is depressing! Sort of like Beth at the microphone! IS the Irish village in decline, and why? Urban migration? ________________________________

  5. Pat says:

    Such a shame….another piece of history gone. 😩😢

  6. Paul Brooks says:

    Sad to see. This building was owned by my family and run as a pub + shop until around 1950.
    The name over the door was ‘ J. Brooks’. I have photos from 1930s showing the very same doorway.

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