A Shaggy Dog Story

The Massereene Hound, a carving believed to date from 1612. According to legend, not long after her marriage in 1607 to Sir Hugh Clotworthy of Antrim Castle, Mary Langford was walking alone in the woods when threatened by attack from a wolf. Fortunately at the same moment an Irish wolfhound appeared and saved Lady Clotworthy by killing the wolf. A second tale has it that the self-same wolfhound also ensured the Clotworthys were spared an assault on their castle by howling and thereby warning them of the imminent danger. Whatever the truth, the sculpture stood on the original castle until the 18th century when it was moved to one of the estate walls. It now stands on a plinth adjacent to the restored walled gardens.

6 comments on “A Shaggy Dog Story

  1. lawrieweed says:

    How do these tales get recorded from the early 17th cnetury?

  2. Hibernophile says:

    Sadly, this exceptionally long lived canine did not alert the family of the fire in 1922, which resulted in the beginning of the end for the Castle.

  3. harryboyle@edingtonhouse.co.uk says:

    The 2nd Earl of Massereene, gave his favourite dog a funeral attended by over fifty dogs in mourning scarves.

  4. F.A.Q. says:

    Alas, every dog has its day……

  5. Tiptopdogz says:

    Pretty cool story about the sculpture

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