A Lakeside Lament


The shore of Lough Tay, County Wicklow into which the ashes of the Hon Garech Browne were committed yesterday in the company of family and friends. The devoted custodian of the Luggala estate for half a century, his generous cultural patronage, not least through the creation of Claddagh Records, were deservedly eulogised during the afternoon in words and music alike. While Garech has gone, he leaves rich memories and a legacy certain to last as long as water laps on Lough Tay’s shore.

2 comments on “A Lakeside Lament

  1. Robin Kindersley says:

    The most exquisite photograph of amongst hundreds i have seen of Luggala…..and the most evocative…..thank you Robert.

  2. Judith Thomson says:

    God Bless You Tara Browne. ..

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