Down Memory Lane

For Irish readers: At 9.35 this evening, Wednesday 5th September, there will be a screening on RTE One television of Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s drama-documentary Citizen Lane. Telling the story of art dealer, collector and philanthropist Sir Hugh Lane, the film is a mixture of dramatized excerpts from the subject’s life and interviews with contemporary contributors, including the Irish Aesthete.
For all readers: My biography of Sir Hugh Lane, out of print for more than a decade, has just been republished – with a new Afterword – by Lilliput Press and is now widely available.

4 comments on “Down Memory Lane

  1. Looking forward to this.

  2. The Prof says:

    Excellent production, jolly well done RTÉ.

    Robert, you have a natural aptitude for presenting: enthusiastic, coherent, concise, and, of course wonderfully dapper in your appearance (though without your trademark bow tie?).

    RTE ought to engage you for a series on Irelands built heritage, as an extension of this most excellent blog and your past, and forthcoming publications. I can not think of anyone else who is so knowledgable and devoted to this beloved isle.

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