Little Hope

Late last January it was reported that a structural engineer was unable to gain access to the Market House in Castleblayney, County Monaghan, following the collapse of an internal load-bearing wall. The building was declared a public safety risk, a safety cordon erected to prevent access, and then the roof removed in order to avoid further collapse. Occupying a prominent site in the centre of the town, the core of the market house dates from c.1790 when constructed by the 11th Lord Blayney to encourage the local linen trade. In 1856 the building was extended with the addition of a courthouse, the principal front which faces down West Street topped by a polygonal cupola with copper dome.

The property of Monaghan County Council, until the start of the present century Castleblayney Market House was used by the Court Services and also served as the town Library. However, failure to maintain the property meant that in 2003 the local authority had to condemn the market house as unsafe: it has stood empty and steadily more dilapidated ever since, so the collapse of an internal wall earlier this year should come as no surprise. A key building in Castleblayney, the market house is – naturally – listed by the county council, its owners, for protection. That protection does not seem to be forthcoming.

4 comments on “Little Hope

  1. probably condemned by a council engineer who has no understanding of rubblestone walls, buildings are routinely wrongly condemned.

  2. Diana says:

    Blaming the irish lack of civic pride on refugees is plain silly. Dont try to bring down the tone of this wonderful page please.

    • claudius1889 says:

      You completely miss the point, because you did not read it properly. am not blaming the lack of civic pride or cultural awareness in Ireland on the “refugees”. I am putting the case into a context which must not been ignored.If that is “bringing down the tone” you obviously have a serious problem assesing reality.Enjoy the bubble in which you live in.

    • matthias carolan says:

      refuges absolutely have no interest in this only people like me and you Diana, all they are worried about where is the next free meal ticket coming,you know the drill

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