A Fine Example

Killaster is – or rather, could be – a particularly good example of Irish rural vernacular architecture. A sturdy, three-bay, gable-ended farmhouse, it probably dates from the early years of the 19th century when many such properties were erected. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation of this part of the country in 1857, the house, valued at £4, together with 100 acres were being rented by one Patrick Coyne from Denis O’Conor who lived a little further north on a property called Mount Druid. Today Killaster, along with is fine yard to the rear, stands empty.

8 comments on “A Fine Example

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    There are thousands of beautiful houses like this around the country. Somehow, owners often prefer to build a bungalow beside it in preference to restoring the old house. Is this a reflection on the skills of the building industry- or on the taste of the owners?

    • Charles holmes says:

      i think you’ve hit the nail on the head Vincent it is a reflection on the skills of the building industry.

      • Fergal says:

        I think there are two reasons – either the farmer never married, meaning the house became a ruin when he died and the farms become an ‘outside farm’ (non residential) for another farmer, or the farmer does marry and the newly married couple don’t want to live in a cold house which is difficult to maintain, and so build a bungalow nearby. Much has been written about the decline of the ‘Big House’ in Ireland, but the decline of the farmhouse is a topic ripe for study.

      • I do not feel that it is a reflection on the skills of the building industry! It is a reflection on the aspirations and culture of the owners who chose to build a modern bungalow and fail to see any of the advantages in living in any of the ‘fine examples’ like this one.

  2. Emma Richey says:

    What a lovely place. Which part of the country? It would make such a nice home with the yard too.

  3. Nick Reilly says:

    I really love this style of house with complementary courtyard, and you are correct, they could be an exemplar of how simple vernacular design can endure.

  4. I have found an old ruin recently, only corner left, big arched windows, not at all in keeping with other cottage ruins in the locality. How can I find out about its origins. It is on the Geohive map 1837🤔🤔

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