Step Inside

Doneraile Court, County Cork by Andrea Jameson

Larchill, County Kildare by Alison Rosse 

Tomorrow, Thursday 23rd September, sees the opening of an exhibition in Dublin curated by the Irish Aesthete. Stepping through the Gate: Inside Ireland’s Walled Gardens features specially commissioned paintings by four artists on this theme, the quartet being Lesley Fennell, Andrea Jameson, Maria Levinge and Alison Rosse. All of them are lifelong gardeners and they bring horticultural understanding to the subject, as well as their inherent artistic skills. Garden historian Terence Reeves-Smith has estimated that there are some 8,000 walled gardens on the island of Ireland, in varying states of repair and use. Many have been lost altogether – one can see their crumbling walls in fields around the countryside – but others still serve their original purpose and some have been brought back to life in recent years. The exhibition includes examples of walled gardens in all conditions and sizes, and gives an understanding of how important these sites were – and are – for producing fruit and vegetables across many centuries. But the pictures also show how different artists can respond to the same theme and, in a few instances, to the same gardens, demonstrating how each of us approach a place with our own interpretation of its appearance. 

Enniscoe, County Mayo by Maria Levinge 

Burtown, County Kildare by Lesley Fennell

Stepping through the Gate: Inside Ireland’s Walled Gardens takes place at the Irish Georgian Society, City Assembly House, 58 South William Street, Dublin 2 and opens to the public on Friday 24th September, running for two months.
For more information, please visit www.igs.i

4 comments on “Step Inside

  1. Cate Morgan says:

    Looks absolutely wonderful. Hoping there may be a full record to buy, maybe, post-exhibition for those of us who are for example in the UK and may not manage the trip? (Am hoping to get there, though!🤞🏻)

  2. claudius1889 says:

    Well done! Pity I do not live in Ireland or nearby! Regards

  3. Susan burke says:

    Big congratulations to you Velcro and to our wonderful artists!! Good luck tonight!! Love, Susan

  4. Susan Burke says:

    Dear Velcro. It all looks wonderful. Wish I could be with you to celebrate. Congratulations to you and the lady artists. With Love, Susan

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