A Class Fine

-After last Wednesday’s post about a boarded-up church in County Louth, here is a more secular example of similar neglect, this one in Greenore, County Louth. Some 15 years ago, this little seaside village lost its most significant piece of architectural heritage – the Railway Hotel, designed by James Barton and constructed in 1875 for the London and North Western Railway – which was demolished by the port company in order to build a storage warehouse. This smaller building stands close to the beach, and as can be seen once served as a local cafe but has stood boarded up for some time. A Dangerous Structure notice from the local authority can be seen on the facade instructing the owner to carry out repairs to the guttering and slates within 14 days or else risk having to pay a Class C Fine (which is to say, a sum not exceeding €2,500). The notice has been in place since February 2021.

3 comments on “A Class Fine

  1. Patrick says:

    Until a government tax incentive is introduced structures such as this will sadly continue to crumble .

  2. It would appear that the owner has no concern for the building and certainly no fear of a fine, and it is probably true to say that the vast majority of people don’t care very much about the fate of old buildings like this one way or another.

  3. What a shame it would be to lose those little treasures.

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