Pocket Gothick

A pocket Gothick house on Castle Road, forming the upper portion of O’Mahoney Avenue in Bandon, County Cork. This is one of a six such properties located immediately outside the demesne wall of Castle Bernard, former home of the Earls of Bandon, which was burnt out in June 1921 (see A-Bandon « The Irish Aesthete). Originally a classical house, around 1815 Castle Bernard was given a gothic makeover by an unknown architect, and these two-storey cottages. of rough cast stone with ornamental brick surrounds on the door and windows, were presumably built at some date thereafter to reflect that style; the architect responsible is unknown, and it seems impossible to find any further information about them. While some are still occupied, others have sadly been allowed to fall into ruin.

2 comments on “Pocket Gothick

  1. Deborah T. Sena says:

    Wonderful windows! Sad to see the derelict house as looking at the size of the town and real estate in the area, it should be able to support a renovation, although that one may be too far gone. To see a great renovation of the same period house (NO white paint on ‘brown’ wood!), look for Gurteen House. Modernized where it is needed- kitchen, baths and so forth. Now hope those who buy it keep it that way.

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