“A Luscious Account…”


My New York pal James Andrew has written some kind words about Luggala Days in www.whatisjameswearing.com. Read it for yourself and simultaneously discover the delights of James’ own blog.

4 comments on ““A Luscious Account…”

  1. James Andrew says:

    Robert it was my great pleasure and honor to share this tremendous tome with my friends on whatisjameswearing.com

    I can’t wait for your next one!



  2. Sine nomine says:

    I encountered the Hon Garech Browne recently while visiting Ballinrush. Bedecked in satin frock coat & tweed breeches he is endearingly outlandish as ever! ‘Luggala Days’ continues to enjoy pride of place on our ottoman.

  3. Sine nomine says:

    I should have added that while I was there Luggala was enduring a Viking Invasion. A film crew, with its retinue of vehicles and equipment, was transforming the grounds (carte blanche) in preparation for filming a new run of ‘Vikings’. It all seemed so uncivilised and intruded on the tranquility of my Luggala days.

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