Mythical Beasts


A panel from the pedestal on which rests one of the lions at the four corners of the casino at Marino, County Dublin (see Casino Royale, March 25th). Although the building was designed by Sir William Chambers, the work here was overseen by Engish sculptor Simon Vierpyl who had first met his patron, the Earl of Charlemont when both men were in Rome in the 1750s. Chambers gave due credit when he wrote of the casino that it ‘was built by Mr Verpyle [sic] with great neatness and taste.’ The Portland stone used for the exterior was imported from England and presumably carved on site under Vierpyl’s supervision. It is astonishing to see that some 250 years later despite exposure to the elements the two figures of winged fauns are still as sharp as ever, down to the curls on their respective heads.

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  1. Blue says:

    Such a beauty! I know I should not but I love to trace with my fingers the tracks of the chisel and feel the hard work and craftsmanship that went into such carving.

  2. We hope people know that the Casino is once again open to the public. As a seasonal site, we open until the 6th November, 7 days a week with guided tours. Come and see Vierpyl’s exquisite carving up close. Ring or email +353 1 833 1618 This is truly one of Ireland’s most amazing hidden architectural gems.

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