Life is Colour


Through dense planting, a glimpse of the lake at Mount Stewart, County Down. The gardens around the house, created from the mid-1920s onwards by Edith, seventh Marchioness of Londonderry, are justly famous but the attention they attract can mean the rest of the estate receives less attention. This part of the demesne dates from the first half of the 19th century, following the marriage of the third Marquess to the great heiress Frances Anne Vane-Tempest: her wealth allowed the creation of the lake to the north of the house on the site of a former gravel pit, and extensive planting around its borders.

2 comments on “Life is Colour

  1. Stunning views of a stunning garden – so sad that the Family are now almost gone . Let us hope that the National Trust will be conscientious custodians of the Londonderry legacy

    • Thank you, yes it is a stunning garden. And while it is certainly sad that the family has less of a presence than was once the case, it is still very much there and I think in this instance the NT is proving to be a sound custodian of the place.

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