On a Plate


A view by Irish architect Jeremy Williams of Enniscoe, County Mayo. The house was built in two stages, the original part to the rear in the 1740s by George Jackson and then, about half a century late the front section added by his son and namesake. It is known that work was completed by 1798 since some damage was done to the building during the rebellion of that year, which in this part of the country included a French invasion led by General Humbert. Enniscoe survived and remains in the hands of the two George Jacksons’ descendants.
More on Enniscoe shortly.

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  1. Susan Mosse says:

    Jeremy did quite a few such ‘big house’ plates with us years ago. He did a huge set for the Boorman/Conran wedding and when I met the young and divorced Conran long after in Portugal, he couldn’t remember them at all. Wonder where they are now. They were quite something on a table I suspect. Sic transit…
    We all were amazed by Jeremy’s rapid and relaxed style and loved watching him from a distance!

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