Now Unstable


The former stables at Dartrey, County Monaghan. Dating from the mid-18th century, this range is wonderfully sited close to the main lake on the estate, a canted wing to the right offering views across the water. Like other buildings at Dartrey, the two-storey structure is built of red brick with cut limestone employed for door cases and window sills. There is a second, 19th century stable yard elsewhere on the estate and, at least for the present, it is in better condition than this one, most of which despite its name now appears far from stable.


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  1. As you said ,it certainly has gone more downhill,in the intervening years.I now remember that it was the time of the House Sale at Hilton Park,of surplus ‘stuff’,before they started doing B and B.A case of right building,wrong place?

  2. jtjphelan says:

    Has the Mausoleum restoration been completed ?

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