Fire and Water

Henrietta Street 1
The facade of 3 Henrietta Street, Dublin. Of four bays and four storeys over basement, the house dates from c.1754 when Owen Wynne of Hazelwood, County Sligo married the Hon Anne Maxwell, daughter of John, first Lord Farnham who occupied the building next door. (For more information on Hazelwood, see Sola, Perduta, Abbandonata*, February 25th 2013). Like many other properties along the street, in the late 19th century No. 3 was divided into tenements and has yet to recover from this fate; in more recent times, it has suffered from water ingress and subsequent timber decay. Its circumstances were not helped by a recent fire immediately outside the property: while the relevant services were able to train their hoses to a certain height, they did not reach the upper section, hence the evidence of smoke damage on already highly vulnerable brickwork.

Henrietta Street 3

3 comments on “Fire and Water

  1. Jeez….I’d just love to be able to rescue this building and restore it to it’s former beauty ….so many stories it could tell, nae doot……..but I rarely buy a lottery ticket!
    I dread to think what they’ll replace it with….just love the door…would that actually be the original? 250 years old??

  2. Michelle says:

    The exterior is still lovely, despite the neglect. Beautiful doorway! Hope the right person might someday come along and restore it.

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