Coming Home

Third Earl of Shannon
A portrait of Henry Boyle, third Earl of Shannon in his robes as a Knight of St Patrick. The picture is attributed to William Cuming (1769-1852) who served first as President of the Society of Artists in Dublin and then as President of the Royal Hibernian Academy. This is one of a group of Boyle family portraits temporarily returning to the Shannon’s former seat, Castlemartyr, County Cork, now an hotel: the pictures will hang in the house for the month of February. Next Friday, January 30th at 7pm I shall be in Castlemartyr holding a public conversation with the present Earl of Shannon, Harry Boyle about his family’s history. We will also be showing a collection of photographs of the house taken in the closing decades of the 19th century when Castlemartyr was still in Boyle ownership. For more information about this event, please contact


4 comments on “Coming Home

  1. Edward Kelly says:

    Is the painting still with the family? Just interested to know where it hangs normally. Thank you for your articles.

    • Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, the painting still belongs the family, as do the others which will be hanging in Castlemartyr. However, they have not until recently been on public display, hence this chance to see them once more in their original home…

  2. Henry Brennan says:

    I’m interested in this portrait in connection with the Knights of St Patrick. I am doing some research on their swords and sword maker, Brady. Is this portrait/picture available to copy and if so, from where? In addition, if you know of others similar or of any Knight if St Patrick swords I would appreciate hearing of them. I am also receiving help from MsBreda Malone, Nat Museum of Ireland and The Royal Armouries, Leeds.

    • Thank you for your message. I’m afraid this is not an area in which I have any expertise – but I assume you have a copy of Peter Galloway’s book on the Order of St Patrick and that is likely to be your best resource. The portrait is privately owned.

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