Garden Guardians


Two pieces of statuary in the grounds of Ballyfin, County Laois. To the rear of the main block and flanked by obelisks, the figure of a river god reclines in a basin. The cascade behind him concludes in a Doric temple. Meanwhile in front of the house a pair of crouching sphinxes observe the arrival and departure of guests.

For more about Ballyfin, see The Fair Place, July 21st 2014.

4 comments on “Garden Guardians

  1. Jonathan Miller says:

    Is Poseidon visible from the temple, or just his head? As a composition, and at the termination of a tumbling cascade, surely he needs to be raised. And perhaps of a greater scale.

    • Thank you for your query. The figure in the basin is not really visible from the temple – which is as well since at just beyond the basin is the rear of the house and a piece of sculpture peeking up here would interrupt the prospect. I understand your concern about scale but actually he fits quite snugly where he is; perhaps you will yet have an opportunity to see for yourself…

  2. I don’t think it is Poseidon but the classical personification of a river.

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