11 comments on “His Lordship Regrets

  1. I’m afraid I would have had the need to have this form printed for distribution if I had not drastically reduced guest lists in recent years. Well, perhaps with a revision or two.

  2. columnist says:

    I have a friend who had similar cards printed and I think they were dispatched after nearly every party he attended. This Earl of Rosse might presumably be Lord Snowden’s stepfather?

  3. columnist says:

    Sorry, Snowdon…

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  5. wildninja says:

    Why is that so funny?!! My nose is running… thanks for posting.

  6. a gray says:

    Ah, for the old days ……

  7. I love the ornamental language: ‘regrets exceedingly’, ‘deplorable conduct’, ‘humbly craves your pardon’. I must try to work those into my email correspondence 🙂

    Also the ‘indiscreet petting’ implies a rather fine distinction: presumably discreet petting would have been fine!

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  9. Carolyn McGrath says:

    I believe my McGrath’s who lived in County Offaly either worked for or rented land from the Parsons Family in the early 1800s. My great great grandfather and his brother came to Australia as free emigrants in the mid 1800s and eventually moved on to New Zealand. My great grandfather came to Tasmania in the late 1800s and hence why our family still resides in Tasmania. I look forward to the day I can travel to Ireland and particularly County Offaly and find out more about my Irish family.

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