10 comments on “His Lordship Regrets

  1. I’m afraid I would have had the need to have this form printed for distribution if I had not drastically reduced guest lists in recent years. Well, perhaps with a revision or two.

  2. columnist says:

    I have a friend who had similar cards printed and I think they were dispatched after nearly every party he attended. This Earl of Rosse might presumably be Lord Snowden’s stepfather?

  3. […] the Irish Aesthete via Rafal Heydel […]

  4. wildninja says:

    Why is that so funny?!! My nose is running… thanks for posting.

  5. a gray says:

    Ah, for the old days ……

  6. I love the ornamental language: ‘regrets exceedingly’, ‘deplorable conduct’, ‘humbly craves your pardon’. I must try to work those into my email correspondence 🙂

    Also the ‘indiscreet petting’ implies a rather fine distinction: presumably discreet petting would have been fine!

  7. […] to the charming web site The Irish Aesthete, this framed item hangs in a bathroom at Birr Castle, County Offaly. As a lowly American Jewess […]

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