A Swift Connection


A crimson morocco case holding five George II steel forks due to be sold next Wednesday 25th February by Fonsie Mealy in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny. The forks have stained ivory handles, each bearing the same initials and crest as those of Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin from 1713 until his death in 1745. Might these therefore have belonged to him, and was it perhaps during his lifetime that the prongs of the left-most fork were first filed down, presumably because one of them broke or was bent? Before passing to the vendor’s family the set belonged to the 19th century archaeologist and antiquarian John Ribton Garstin, one-time President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. It is expected to make  €2,000- €3,000.


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  1. I hope it does. Bravo to Ireland…..my favorite country on this earth! I hope to someday travel there!

    If you want an intimate….amazing trip to Ireland…..and guest of houses not on any tour…..tell me soon!

    there won’t be many more!!

    Let me know……I will jus zoom you…..nothing for me involved at all!!!

    this captures the best of the best in Ireland!

  2. Gerald Mc Carthy says:

    Robert.How about articles on two other Swift connections; Lionsden house Co. Meath and Swifte Heath house Co.Kilkenny

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