Neglected and Oppress’d


The area around Frenchpark, County Roscommon contains  little of any architectural note: the remains of the great Palladian house designed by Richard Castle in the late 1720s were demolished more than forty years ago. Now it would seem that the town’s one remaining historic building is destined to go the same way. Dating from 1840, the two-storey, three bay former market house has for a long time stood forlorn on Frenchpark’s main street. Although listed in the county survey as being of ‘social and historic importance’ no one seems troubled that this final remnant of the locale’s history is on the verge of being lost forever.

5 comments on “Neglected and Oppress’d

  1. Charles OReilly says:

    I hope your wonderful work in educating and highlighting the neglect and decay is seen by every TD and every county councillor in Ireland. If not please get the email addresses of all of them and send each issue relating to their area and someone may do something

  2. Michael King says:

    I drove past it a few weeks ago en route from Knock Airport to Elphin. The thought occurred to me that it would make a lovely dwelling house.

  3. John Lough says:

    It would be a shame to lose yet another building in Roscommon. What on earth does listing do??, it certainly does not seem to protect or preserve! The ruins of Rockingham house were demolished and the hideous Moylurg tower erected despite a previous assurance from Roscommon Council that the magnificent ruin would be preserved. The pillars of the porch allowed to roll down the hill to the edges of the lake, total disregard for the beauty of the ruin when viewed from the lake or the surrounding parkland. The Moylurg tower is an example of Brutalist Arcitecture and the demolition of Rockingham …………….??? Brutalist County Council decision making.

  4. Aona Cowley says:

    The native people of Roscommon know no better, most of the educated people from there move away. Very sad.

  5. James Canning says:

    How very sad indeed, if this fine remnant is lost.

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