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On Main Street, Doneraile, County Cork a three-storey, three bay house dating from c.1810. Typical of the domestic buildings in this handsome town, for a long time it served as parochial house for the Roman Catholic priest. The property’s most famous residence was the Reverend Patrick Sheehan who occupied the premises from the time of his appointment to the parish in 1895 until his death in 1913. It was here that he wrote the novels such as My New Curate and Glenanaar, once found in many Irish homes but now more likely to be discovered in second-hand bookshops.

6 comments on “Literary Links

  1. FB says:

    Bought Glenanaar last week – in a Charity shop!

    • I’m afraid that’s mostly where one is now likely to find Canon Sheehan’s books. A pity as he was a good author, if sometimes too sentimental, and offers insights into Irish rural/small town life at the start of the last century.

  2. Rose Anne says:

    These flashes of temporary association between a building and a book or a painting, I find so interesting. A new series for you – Literary Links?

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