Fragmentary Evidence

An 18th century door sidelight currently to be seen on the premises of Bonhams at 31 Molesworth Street, Dublin. It is one of a number of items of architectural salvage collected by conservationist and painter Peter Pearson who for decades has been assiduously saving such fragmentary evidence from historic properties which would otherwise have been demolished or allowed to fall down without any record being kept of their decoration. For his work in this field, Mr Pearson is himself something of a national treasure, albeit one far too insufficiently appreciated. The show in Bonhams (which continues until next Wednesday, October 21st) features a number of his own fine architectural pictures alongside many more rescued artefacts, not least the diversity of 18th century dado rails shown below.


3 comments on “Fragmentary Evidence

  1. PoshPedlar says:

    Wish I could view..

  2. Roy McCarthy says:

    Thankfully there are a few people driven sufficiently to do something to save and/or record our history in the face of general indifference. Not only Ireland of course.

  3. Simon walker says:

    Small things build up a picture of the past, which would otherwise be lost. Peter Pearson’s writing on Dublin is a constant source of interest

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