The Theory of Evolution

Increasing study of country houses, here and elsewhere, has led to better understanding of these properties’ decorative histories. Almost without exception the process has been one of consistent change as successive generations adapt buildings for their own specific needs and uses, and reflect differences in taste. There can be no absolutes, nor notions that a particular style of decoration is ‘right’, only a willingness to respond to the present while respecting the past. Above is a view of the dining room in Borris, County Carlow as it was until recently, and below a view of the same room as it is now. A new wall colour and a re-hang of pictures has brought forth another aspect of the space’s character.


5 comments on “The Theory of Evolution

  1. The Old Forge Multi Brick is unfortunate, but the wall colour is lovely, so one step at a time. You mentioned this subject before in passing in relation to the Casino and Emo I believe ?

  2. Patrick says:

    An excellent point ,succinctly put .

  3. Jonathan Miller says:

    A nicely calculated hang, with its drops of three, and diagonals. Assisted by a ‘bigwig’ occupying centre stage! The sense of order gently echoed on the chimney piece.

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