Not so Dapper

Looking distinctly down-at-heel, the once-dapper Naper Arms Hotel which occupies a prominent site on The Square in Oldcastle, County Meath. Built in the mid-19th century when the town enjoyed commercial prosperity, the building now offers vivid evidence of the way in which Ireland’s smaller urban centres are embarked on what seems to be irreversible decline. If national and local government are serious about attempting to halt the phenomenon – a new €60 million initiative called ‘Action Plan for Rural Ireland’ was announced on Monday – a good place to start would be obliging owners to give them purpose, on the premise of ‘use it or lose it.’ Otherwise one suspects little will change…


3 comments on “Not so Dapper

  1. Bob Frewen says:

    A tired facade could be accepted, but this one is made worse by those horrible windows.

  2. James Canning says:


  3. Deeply wish there was a ‘use it or lose it’ policy in place in Ireland!

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