Cultural Contemplation

The Sculpture Gallery of the Municipal Art Gallery, Parnell Square, Dublin. This space, and those to the immediate north, were added 1931-33 by City Architect Horace O’Rourke to what had originally been the first Earl of Charlemont’s town residence (designed c.1763 by Sir William Chambers). This is unquestionably O’Rourke’s finest contribution to the site: a double-height room with coved ceiling leading to a central glazed section, apsed ends to east and west, and screens of paired Doric columns to north and south. Beyond lie a sequence of interconnecting galleries reached through identical doorways of polished walnut.

6 comments on “Cultural Contemplation

  1. Susan Burke says:

    Gee Velcrox I would love to see that!!

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  2. lawrieweed says:

    Isnt this the museum that also has the Frances Bacon studio?

  3. Hibernophile says:

    This space provides an excellent venue for the Sunday recital. A fine interior with a resonant acoustic.

  4. claudius1889 says:

    This beautiful space proves that contemporary architects educated in the great classical tradition can produce great works that blend harmoniously with older buildings.It is a matter of proper education.

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