Only a Matter of Time

Without question the most significant domestic dwelling in the village of Killeagh, County Cork – and accordingly, the most neglected. This five-bay, two-storey house dates from c.1770 and, at least on the exterior, still retains many of its original features. But for how much longer? Planting trees and adding street furniture cannot disguise the fact that this is a building at risk of being permanently lost in the near future.

3 comments on “Only a Matter of Time

  1. Tina pasco says:

    How ridiculous to spend money on awful street furniture when something as special as that is in dire need!

  2. Julian Humphreys says:

    The house is for sale with 2.5 acres so hopefully someone will rescue this gem.

  3. Kevin Hurley says:

    The only hope for the building is if it is sold and there is some development of the surrounding lands to offset the cost of restoration otherwise the house will continue deteriorate and eventually collapse. .

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