King John’s Legacy

The much-repaired castle in Dungarvan, County Waterford. Situated at the mouth of the river Colligan, the castle, prior to the construction of the town’s quays, stood on the water’s edge. It is supposed to have been built by Prince (later King) John during his first visit to this country in 1185. The castle has a polygonal shell keep with a series of corner towers and in the 19th century was used as a barracks for members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Some months after they had left the premises, it was burnt out by anti-Treaty forces. Subsequently restored, it was used by the local police until 1987 but now contains a visitors’ centre.

4 comments on “King John’s Legacy

  1. Diane Farr says:

    Ah, yes … I am descended from him (the wrong side of the blanket, unfortunately, so I probably cannot claim this castle). I didn’t know he left a mark on Ireland. How odd that this would stand, when so much has been allowed to crumble … :/

  2. Tom Crane says:

    They cannot be accused of using shoddy materials.

  3. The castle at Carlingford in Co Louth is known as King John’s marking a short stay on a subsequent foray in Ireland.

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