The glebe house at Killeevan, County Monaghan: the church where its occupant would have taken services stands close by. The core of clerical residence is believed to date from c.1800and the handsome bow certainly suggests an early 19th century date. It was described by Samuel Lewis in 1837 as a ‘neat building’ but sadly that is no longer the case, despite the structure being listed for protection.

2 comments on “Protected

  1. TobyC says:

    Unfortunately, “listed for protection” usually means that you can’t deliberately tear it down, but you may allow it to crumble on it’s own.

    This could be a beautiful and useful home, and would then be properly protected and maintained. It pains me to see such abuse by neglect while people live in unreasonably expensive and meaningless homes.

  2. Finola says:

    Love the title.

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