How to Kill a Street

The former entrance to a house on Lower O’Connell Street, Kinsale, County Cork. One of a terrace testifying to the long-standing prosperity of the town, these handsome residences date from c.1800 and have fine cut-limestone door cases and slate covering their upper storeys. All of them have been incorporated into an hotel which faces the harbour. This means the entrances have all been closed, and insensitive uPVC windows inserted at every level. As a consequence an entire section of Lower O’Connell Street has lost both character and, just as important, public engagement. Shabby and neglected, what ought to be a thoroughfare just as bustling as others in Kinsale has instead become a dead space.

5 comments on “How to Kill a Street

  1. Tina pasco says:

    Very weird…

  2. A real indictment of just how much official Ireland cares? Has Corks An Taisce branch been informed?

  3. Toby Cole says:

    But they call it “progress”.

  4. Such a shame to ruin such a beautiful historic street like that

  5. john logan says:

    Is this something that the local planning authority gave permission for? Planning authorities employ conservation and heritage officers on our behalf. Their job is to examine planning applications and any proposal to alter the front of a building, including its entries and openings, require their consideration and approval. This in one instance where a purposeful and concerned intervention might have led to a happier outcome.

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