Going to Market

Set back from Main Street and perhaps the most significant building in Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, this is the former Market House. It dates from 1834 when the design was commissioned by Nathaniel Clements, second Earl of Leitrim from Dublin architect William Farrell. The latter is best known for the many churches he designed across Ulster. The building features crisp sandstone with rusticated groundfloor and a pediment in the tympanum of which are the Clements coat of arms and motto Patriis virtutibus (By Hereditary Virtues).

3 comments on “Going to Market

  1. john logan says:

    The ability of the local authority to find just the right place for one of the town’s few litter bins is admirable.

  2. john logan says:

    Farrell designed at least two courthouses in the county, at Carrick-on-Shannon and Ballinamore.

    In the case of the Manorhamilton market house I wonder did he place the door where it is today?

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