What Awaits Us All

The cast-iron railings surrounding a tomb in Beauparc Graveyard, County Meath feature an unusual detail around the top: a skull and crossbones. There is no information on who was responsible for this work, and the tombstone is unfortunately too worn to be able to read whose resting place it marks.

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  1. Just love this series of articles, keep up the excellent work!

  2. Con Traynor says:

    Not a good idea to identify the location. My recollection comes from a past experience when an interesting feature was referenced in a publication only to have it ‘disappear’ a few weeks later.

  3. Kenneth Mitchell says:

    The skull and bones was the traditional ancient symbol of the Freemasons since replaced by the square and compass. Indeed the legendary predecessor of the masons were the knights Templar. When they were betrayed by the Pope and king of France on Friday the 13th, their navy based in Portugal escaped just in time and disappeared. However occasionally their maritime flag of the skull and bones was seen on the high seas !

  4. Joe says:

    Eternal Rest at Ardcarne Cemetery

    …my greatest pleasure was to stop in country cemeteries, to stretch out between two graves,
    and to smoke for hours on end. I think of those days as the most active period of my life.
    Emil Cioran, The Trouble With Being Born

    The once surrounding wrought-
    iron fence has sunk with its slab
    into the earth and left two tilting
    bedsteads on an acre of alluring
    green quilt which has sucked up
    to a summer of rain still gathering
    below and across the Roscommon
    plains like armies hardly distinguished
    in shades of black and towering greys.
    Underneath, a democracy of dead:
    Tommy Maxwell, the MacDermotts,
    the King-Harmons and the two
    to three daily interned for the first
    seven weeks of black forty seven.

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