Overlooked III

Tucked behind trees and shrubs in the Phoenix Park, and therefore often overlooked, this is Rose Cottage. Traditionally occupied by the Head Deer Keeper, the picturesque, octagonal building dates from c.1800 before being remodelled around 1830 when presumably the veranda was added. It was during the latter period that Decimus Burton was responsible for carrying out various improvements in the park and designing many of the lodges at its gates, so most likely he was responsible for the work here too. The cottage was occupied up to a few years ago, but now appears empty and in need of some attention (those gutters won’t clear themselves…)

5 comments on “Overlooked III

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    An empty house near the city Centre seems to be in breach with Government housing policy.

  2. Is this property government owned or private? A real shame if let go to ruin.

  3. mark donnelly says:

    Such a cute house!

  4. Julian Humphreys says:

    Sadly this looks like another charming property just ripe for entry by vandals and then the inevitable graffiti followed by arson…

  5. Elizabeth S Neill says:

    Perhaps there are other ways to care for this building (perhaps volunteers could clear the gutters) but it would be more likely to be maintained if it had a purpose. Could it be converted into a cafe, somewhere for soft drinks, sandwiches and ice cream?

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