Time to Move?

What remains of one of Ireland’s last surviving market crosses stands in the centre of Athenry, County Galway. Believed to date from c.1475, originally it would have been part of a much larger, and taller, monument; it was placed on the present plinth at the start of the 19th century. The south face carries a depiction of the Crucifixion, while on the other side can be seen (just about) a crowned Madonna and Child. The cross is badly weathered, its condition not helped by being in the middle of a busy traffic junction. Although this is now the only market cross in Ireland still in situ, perhaps the time has come to move it to another, less environmentally damaging location?

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  1. There is the Market Cross in Cong, County Mayo. A few bumps and bruises but still a most photographed place with tourists and meetings alike.

  2. Emma Richey says:

    Thank you for the latest YouTube on shell houses. I used to live next door to where Mary Delany lived with Squire Pendarves. Their place was called Roskrow.

    • Thanks, does the Pendarves’ house still stand? Incidentally, Roskrow is just a few miles away from Redruth, where Hugh Lane grew up…

      • Emma Richey says:

        No, the old house has gone but there is a manor house which is much altered close by and of a later date. Early last century the then ‘squire’ kept a pack of hounds which were just like the Black & Tans of the Tipperary Hunt. I did not know that Hugh Lane grew up near Redruth, how amazing, do you know the name of the place?

      • Redruth: Hugh Lane grew up in the Rectory, as his father was the local Vicar…

  3. wildninja says:

    Wow, no one is willing to protect this? What would it take? Do we need to start an international petition?

    I am enjoying your YouTube channel, by the way.

    • Máire Daly says:

      A lot of the towns residents would love if the cars were not able to park around it. That town square is jammed with cars, scrapping up against the base of that cross day in day out trying to park here and there, and get past each other. It’s a shame. During Covid it was really pleasant but now that the bookies has re-opened, it’s just a car park with a national monument in the middle now….

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