A Waste of Resources

Boarded up and falling into dereliction: the former administration block of the workhouse in Mullingar, County Westmeath. Many of the other buildings that were part of this complex have since been given fresh purpose by the Health Service Executive (albeit with the introduction of uPVC windows: when will official Ireland ever provide a lead here?). However, this handsome house, which is at the entrance to the site, is in a wastefully poor state, only saved from total ruin by being constructed in sturdy limestone. Dating from 1841 and built in the Tudor-Gothic style to the design of architect George Wilkinson, the building’s present state is a shameful waste of state resources.

5 comments on “A Waste of Resources

  1. Would make a wonderful restoration house. If only I lived in Mullingar!

  2. Vincent Delany says:

    Would make a lovely house for somebody- which would prevent us from building on some good farm land

  3. James Canning says:

    I very much agree.

  4. Julian Humphreys says:

    Yes! Why can’t they just put it on the market with strict conservation covenants? Or would they just rbe ignored?

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