Towering Over its Surroundings

The Irish Aesthete has recently been discussing tower houses on YouTube* so here is a fine example rising above the flat landscape of County Louth. The four-storey Roodstown Castle is believed to date from the 15th century although it may be later.

The building has projecting square turrets diagonally opposite each other, one of which contained the garderobe, the other a staircase leading from the usual vaulted entrance space to the upper floors. There is a murder hole just inside the door, and formerly a machicolation outside it but this has since disappeared.



5 comments on “Towering Over its Surroundings

  1. Larry Byrne says:

    Although a ruin it seems to be well cared for. Why can’t the ruins at Liscarton be maintained to a similar standard.

  2. M.A. O'Connor-Quinn says:

    Dearest R.O’B you might add Carrigafoyle Castle to your Tower House List ,compliments of the OPW. Home of the O’Connor-Kerry Clan. M.A. O’Connor-Quinn

  3. Carmel O'Reilly says:

    What does the door look like? Is it on the ground floor or first floor?

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