Commemorating a Life-long Devotion

The clock tower which stands in the centre of Ardagh, County Longford. The village was part of the estate belonging to Sir Thomas John Fetherston who in the early 1860s employed James Rawson Carroll to design new houses and amenities for its residents. Built in 1863 by the architect’s brother, Thomas Henry Carroll, the clock tower stands in the centre of Ardagh’s picturesque Green and was erected in memory of Sir Thomas’ uncle, Sir George Ralph Fetherston. His widow paid for the monument which, according to an inscription at the base, commemorates her late-husband’s ‘life-long devotion to the moral and social improvement of his tenantry.’

More on Ardagh in the coming weeks. 

3 comments on “Commemorating a Life-long Devotion

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    Ardagh is probably the only big house in ireland from which the village is visible and celebrated.

  2. raymond blair says:

    that’s a fascinating post – and makes me curious to know more about that landed family.

  3. Michael Thomas says:

    Connections with the Jessop family of nearby Doory Hall.All through Frances Flood who then became Mrs Richard Solly and then Mrs Jessop

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