Awaiting Salvation

The remains of a former estate at Clogher in County Cork. In 1837 Samuel Lewis describes the property as belonging to one ‘G. Bond Low, Esq.’ but provides no further details. The house itself, now a ruin, dates from the early 19th century and is of three stories and five bays. A sense of its character is provided by what survives: a pair of handsome limestone gate posts, beside one of which is a derelict lodge. Not far inside the entrance is a very fine yard, typical of the kind then being erected across the country and, despite neglect, still so sturdy that it begs for restoration: the perfect setting for a number of courtyard dwellings, should someone with sufficient imagination (and funds) be prepared to take on the task.

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  1. says:

    Excellent suggestion.

  2. Brian Masters ( mothers maiden name Kelly ) NSW Australia says:

    Exactly the type of thing Im looking for!Only a couple of snags– getting Irish citizenship and the Covid thing.Still money fixes a lot of things. Im an enthusiastic follower of this page– hugely enjoyable.I was a frequent visitor to Ireland before the pandemic.Irish ancestry but unfortunately too far back to have any clout– a Galway White boy transported in the 1820’s.

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