Leading Nowhere

An entrance into the former demesne of Affane, County Waterford. The core of the house here dated from the 17th century but had a new front added in the first half of the 19th century with canted bows on either side of the entrance. These ashlar gateposts with screen walls on either side and arched pedestrian openings on either side were probably erected around the same time. Once leading towards the main building, now they go nowhere but provide a reminder of what used to be here: the house itself is a ruined shell.

5 comments on “Leading Nowhere

  1. Andrew McCarthy says:

    It is strikingly strange that one of the side arches has a prominent keystone and the other does not!

  2. Irene Wynne says:

    A ruined shell….so many lives spent in these gentry houses, and if they could see now, how would they feel that their home no longer exists, no house to haunt even !!

  3. Emma Richey says:

    Sadly so many other similar stories throughout Ireland

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