Drumcondra Urns

In a small garden to the rear of Drumcondra House (now part of Dublin City University) can be found three much-weathered stone urns. Originally they stood on the parapet of the building’s south-facing front, thought to have been designed by Sir Edward Lovett Pearce: the east-facing Baroque facade of the same property has long been attributed to Florentine architect Alessandro Galilei (see An Italian in Ireland « The Irish Aesthete). Photographs of Drumcondra House from the late 19th/early 20th centuries, when it as All Hallows College (a training centre for Roman Catholic priests) show the urns still in situ, one in the centre and one at either end. At some date they were taken down, probably because of their condition but it is still possible to see their pedestals on top of the building.

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  1. Vincent Delany says:

    Drumcondra is a beautiful house with fabulous panelled rooms internally. Apparently Maurice Craig described it as a ‘much reorganised’ House belonging to Marmaduke Coghill. The big issue for me is that east elevation which unusually does not have a door in the middle of the facade.

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