Crazy Wonderful

Two doorcases in the entrance hall of Bellinter, County Meath, a house dating from c.1750 and designed by Richard Castle for John Preston. The two doors to the front of the room have the heaving lugging typical of this period but then atop a rectangular panel have caps studded with clusters of guttae. Meanwhile, the doorcase to the rear of the space has clearly been altered, probably in the early 19th century, but must always have concluded at a lower point in order to accommodate the plaster armory above. It’s all rather daft and completely wonderful.

4 comments on “Crazy Wonderful

  1. LAWRIE Weed says:

    Fabulous and the busts are definitely ready to party

  2. Unusual but charming. I like the hat with a veil placed on the bust.

  3. Andrew McCarthy says:


  4. Andrew McCarthy says:

    I was wondering, what’s the evidence that the doorcase in the center of the entrance hall was altered?

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