A Bit of a Sham

The  sham fort at Tyrella, County Down. This charming little folly stands on a rise above the main house and with views across the surrounding countryside and seascape. It is believed to date from the mid-19th century, being created to accommodate three cannon rescued after the SS Great Britain – at the time the world’s largest passenger ship – ran aground on a nearby beach in 1846 (seemingly the ship’s crew mistook the newly constructed St John’s Point Lighthouse for a lighthouse on the Isle of Man).

6 comments on “A Bit of a Sham

  1. Sylvia Wright says:

    Ooooh, was the satnav out of order??????!!!!!!

  2. Deborah T. Sena says:

    Just curious, where are the canons placed, firing direction? Hopefully not towards the house! Certainly unique.

  3. Emma Richey says:

    Magnificent canon.

  4. thornlyboy says:

    Coming from Scotland, I’m intrigued as to why they’re flying the Saltire. Trying to assert their ‘identity’?

  5. thornlyboy says:

    Thanks for that; fair enough…

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