Cross Again

Not too far from Termonfeckin Castle, seen here earlier in the week, stands St Fechin’s church, alas now standing forlorn and neglected in the midst of a graveyard. Here can be found a sandstone High Cross, some nine feet tall and somewhat weathered but with an unbroken nimbus ring. Above a tapered shaft decorated on all four sides with abstract, interwoven patterns, the centre of the east face shows the Crucifixion, while the west face depicts Christ in glory.

4 comments on “Cross Again

  1. lawrieweed says:


  2. Emma Richey says:

    Lovely to see. We have Celtic crosses in Cornwall, some abandoned in hedgerows but many repaired and restored and standing tall again, although not always in their original position.

  3. Deborah T. Sena says:

    While you say the church itself is not used, the cemetery is neat, and people obviously visit to leave flowers. You have certainly shown similar sites that are not that lucky. As they would say, don’t overlook small blessings.

  4. dayscove says:

    Regarding the smallest details – Deborah is right: blessings, indeed! Thanks be to God.

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