Not So Imperial

A fine carved limestone doorcase, formerly one of the entrances to the now-shut Imperial Hotel in Castlebar, County Mayo. Occupying one side of the town’s Mall and tracing its origins as a hostelry back to 1795, the Imperial (formerly Daly’s) Hotel was also the site where the National Land League was founded almost 143 years ago, on August 16th 1879. The building closed for business in 2009 and two years later was bought by Mayo County Council, which has since produced various ‘masterplans’ for the premises but not embarked on any of them, instead leaving this important building to deteriorate. It should be noted that in the same area of Castlebar, the council also owns the former post office and the former barracks, both of which have similarly suffered years of neglect as a consequence of a failure to implement a much-heralded programme of urban renewal. Once again, it is hard to see why any private owner of an historic property in Ireland should embark on restoration when such a poor example is provided by the relevant local authority.

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  1. So sad and angered at reading this Robert. And I genuinely thought that Mayo CC had a good county architects office, Unlike here in Galway. Where Michael D and others have been looking for the establishment of an Office of City Architect, for 30 years and getting nowhere. So many closures and empty buildings while all we hear are plans to do this and plans to do that! But at the end of the day nothing!

  2. Máire Ní Rois says:

    Thanks for the message. Appalling that Heritage gov has not acted. Hugh Wallace should be offered an invitation to comment if possible. Alternatively, any heritage officer, any Arts & Heritage visionary. PRETTY PLEASE

  3. Emma Richey says:

    What a shame and a waste letting them decay.

  4. says:

    Depressing. . .

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