A Familiar Scenario

Formerly known as Lisbrack House, this building in Newtownforbes, County Longford became an episcopal palace when enlarged and occupied in the early 1870s by George Conroy, Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise. It continued to serve this purpose until c.1920 when used as a novitiate for the nearby Convent of Mercy before in turn becoming a secondary school in 1951 and finally a nursing home. However, in recent years the property has stood empty, surrounded by newly-constructed houses but left to fall into the present state of ruin. In other words, the all-too familiar scenario for an old building in an Irish town.

7 comments on “A Familiar Scenario

  1. Kenneth Mitchell says:

    if the new houses are on the same plot of lad, you will probably find that the planning permission has a promise to restore and convert it into a childcare facility or some other commercial unit. No doubt it will be left rot and then a digger will “accidently” mow it down to be replaced by two new houses and a generic childcare unit of no character

  2. an9rew says:

    Who owns these buildings? Are they mostly council owned and no one ever buys them in auction?

  3. Vincent Delany says:

    This palace is poorly located on a back road. It is surprising that the house was not located on a more prominent site in the small village. The Catholic Church was built on a site contributed by Lord Granard whose wife was (surprisingly) a Catholic from Johnstown Castle in Wexford. She is remembered on a panel erected over the high altar. Both lord Granard and his wife lie in a mausoleum behind the church.

  4. elmozi says:

    Walked by this building just 2 days ago and wondered about its history. A sorry sight.
    Thanks for this R.

  5. Brendan Woods says:

    Another depressing and inexcusable tease of rural Ireland.

  6. evoque12 says:

    Who is responsible for the graffiti. there should be severe penalties for such crimes.

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