A Bastard Child

Known locally as the Lacken Gazebo, this wonderful folly sits on high ground above the north coast of County Mayo, offering spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. Looking like a bastard child of the Conolly Folly, County Kildare, the building similarly features a series of arches and is crowned by a number of obelisks. Constructed of rubble stone, the building is thought to date from the closing decade of the 18th century when it would have been one of the demesne improvements carried out by Sir John Roger Palmer whose residence, Castle Lacken – now a ruin – stood on ground immediately below.

3 comments on “A Bastard Child

  1. Rachel Mc Kenna says:

    That’s an interesting folly, with similar detailing and stepped obelisks to those at Ballycumber Folly.

  2. TobyC says:

    Like a menacing sentry.

  3. Kelly Shoppell says:

    Hehe the first thing I thought before I read the text was it was a piece of a church. It’s lovely sitting on that hill.

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