Last July, the government published an All-Island Rail Review proposing a transformation of the current train system through electrification, faster speeds, improved frequency, and new routes for people and freight. It might also have included the preservation and restoration of many old buildings associated with that mode of travel, such as this one, the Mountrath and Castletown railway station in County Laois. It was designed by Sancton Wood, an English-born architect who in 1845 was responsible for Kingsbridge (now Heuston) Station in Dublin, built for the Great Southern & Western Railway Co., which then commissioned him to design smaller stations along the company’s route to Limerick Junction. Most of these buildings were in the Gothic style seen here and some are still in use but not this one which closed in 1976 and has since fallen into its present state of dereliction.

2 comments on “Derailed

  1. David Parks says:

    The countryside is littered with derelict/semi-derelict stations still in CIE ownership and this one appears to be one such with encroachment by an adjacent property owner. CIE appear to only have two approaches to a property no longer in use – let it quietly fall-down or bulldoze it. Going on past experience your post has probably determined the fate of Mountrath.

  2. Harry Boyle says:

    I`m not so worried about the Station it`s the Mini !!

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